Top 5 Echo Devices to buy on Amazon-2019 Top Selling

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1.Echo Dot 3nd Generation:

2.Echo Plus 2nd Generation:

3.Echo Show 2nd Generation:

4.Echo 2nd Generation:

5.Echo Dot 2nd Generation:

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

The Echo Dot 3rd Generation is an all-round great purchase for a smart home device along with being a great audio system.It is an overall good device to have which has a easy setup and integration at home. The Alexa app that comes with the device is also improved with greater depth and definition.Whats special about this device as opposed to the other generations is the fact that it has a purpose for almost everyone whether be someone who needs an alarm clock or someone who needs a replacement for the TV in the kitchen for the audio cooking books.

Its modest size comes with a modest price which is a huge plus in the tech community,having something compact and affordable while being absolutely amazing in its functions. In terms of function,the Echo Dot does everything you could possibly want but,obviously not physically.Whether it be asking about the weather or how the traffic is downtown,the Echo Dot does all. An overall great buy in our opinion.

Echo Plus 2nd Generation

The Echo Plus 2nd Generation is a hands-down beauty,it has a nice design and material to it,using one of these would add to the fashionable side of you. With the 2nd Gen Echo Plus you’d also be able to enjoy the new temperature sensor which was just added that would make most homeowners happy especially if you enjoy knowing the temperature all the time(Not many I think). Using one of these in the home would be very convenient given the fact that it can connect to all the other compatible devices at home like the Philips Hue light bulbs,WeMo light switches and also Nest Security cameras.

While not forgetting apps like Spotify and Amazon Music which is also compatible and often used apps. With the release of this in 2018,the music and overall quality has improved a lot and has emphasis to detail. A speaker worth getting for anyone at all!

Echo Show 2nd Generation

This series presents a smart-home hub which comes with a bigger screen and better sound to it.The Show 2nd Generation comes with a vibrant 10.1″ HD screen which will be able to accommodate for a great viewing experience while functioning as a smart-home hub. As this is a product by Amazon you will be able to meet the voice behind the tech,Alexa! Alexa would be able to help you with all the standard features seen in the other products while specially being able to see who is at the front door when asked.

Because it is a smart-home hub you will have access to other smart devices like the home security cameras,lights,thermostats and many more! In terms of weight,the Echo Show 2nd Gen comes with a weight of 62.2 ounce which is relatively light and easy to carry,bringing it around the house would not be too difficult of a task. The size is also relatively small compared to huge smart-home hubs you see elsewhere,coming in at a dimension of 9.7″ x 6.9″ x 4.2″ this smart-device is easily placed anywhere in your smart-home. Not to mention its camera quality of 5MP in total which is overall good in terms of contrast and quality.

6 Best Greases For Your Gun in 2019-Unbiased and Researched Hunting Review


In order to make your guns last longer maybe even for generations, it should be lubricated, to ensure your safety and the preservation of the gun. A thorough check on the gun is important every now and then in order to avoid accidents.

By greasing your guns you could avoid the friction of the metals on the gun as it has many intersections and the active parts are needed to be greased so it will be smooth to avoid any malfunctions.

If you are in a hurry then check the TOP 6 here on Amazon:

1.FrogLube CLP:

2.TetraGun-Gun Grease:

3.MilComm TW25B:

4.Grizzly Grease CLP:

5.Slip 2000: https: //

6.Lucas Extreme Duty:


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Is hunting a dreaded sport-Cruel or Human Nature?

Facts vs Feelings

Hunting has been known to many as being a act of killing an animal with equipment like guns and bows or any other equally lethal weapons. It is to be argued with the fact vs the feelings. In terms of facts, a human killing an animal seems to be a primitive and instinctive action from the time humans existed but the feelings involved with this action is usually opposite from how humankind felt years ago in the BCs which is accomplishment and victory. Who is to decide what is okay and what is not?

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Binoculars 101-Terms to Learn and Understand

Check out the Bushnell Falcon on Amazon:


In the essence of it, binoculars are an optical instrument which one uses that has lenses for each eye primarily made to far distance objects. The instrument has been used in many fields in the past for many years now including the military, hunting and even for recreational uses. The breakdown for a binoculars can be explained as being two telescopes which are mounted side by side and aligned to point at the same direction. They are usually small and easy to hold in hands which makes this an instrument very useful. In terms of hunting, hunters usually look for binoculars which have a great degree of magnification and clarity to spot the target more easily which will aid in the shooting activities.

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Top 5 Best Bow Stabilizers 2019-Unbiased and Uncut

This article will explore all you need to know about bow stabilizers for your archery and potentially the best ones for you to use when you go out there for your hunting or even your practices in your range.

Here are the 5 best bow stabilizers in the market to get your archery game to the next level:


Check Price:

Static,that’s exactly how you want your bow to be when you are out there shooting.There is none quite out there like this one by Trophy Ridge.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction on reducing the shock in hand,the Trophy Ridge does that by the unique design of the stabilizer itself.The structure of the stabilizer with holes along the sides allows air to flow through the stabilizer,keeping your arm straight without  air resistance pushing against the stabilizer.In addition to that the braid wrist sling holds the bow onto your wrist with added stability and support.

When it comes to balance,the weight of the stabilizer is essential.The Trophy Ridge comes with two weights allowing you to control the weight and balance of the stabilizer depending on the situation you are in.The stabilizer by itself is 6 ounces with an additional 2,1 ounce weights,therefore allowing maximum control over your use of the stabilizer in your own situations.This matters as it increases the moment of inertia and the amount of control over the net torque,such as the natural corrective moments that a shooter makes to keep the pin on the point.

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Top 6 Bow Sights Review 2019-Unbiased and Honest

Quick View:

1.Apex Gear Covert Single Pin-

2.Trophy Ridge Drive Slider-

3.Trophy Ridge React One Pro-

4.HHA King Pin Bow Sight-

5.TRUGLO Range Rover Pro-

6.TRUGLO Pendulum Single Pin-

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